About Us

Hi, I’m Krystian!

I majored in Biology in college but I took a Spa Development course as an elective my senior year. I fell in love! I learned about how to design spa menus, the different types of spa treatments and took tours of some the best spas on the East Coast. I spent winter break tinkering in the kitchen with my friend, Rebecca. My first ever product was a chamomile-infused body balm. From there I started making body scrubs, tooth powders, face oils, you name it. My friends and family said my scrubs were the best they had ever used.

In my mid-twenties I had terrible cystic acne that no dermatologist could explain or cure. I tried everything you could think of with no luck. Nadine, the aesthetician at the spa where I worked, literally saved my face. We would sneak into the facial room on my lunch breaks to do mini-facials. They worked! As I read the ingredients lists of many of those products, I couldn’t pronounce a lot of the things they contained. I started to do ingredient research and decided to make luxurious, natural skincare products to bring the spa experience home and add high levels of nourishing active ingredients.

The results on my own skin have been amazing. I constantly get compliments on how smooth and radiant my skin looks. My friends and family have fallen in love with the products, too. They tell me that their skin is bright, nourished and hydrated. By popular demand, I created Aoife Beauty to share the goodness with all of you. Enjoy!